Delivery with mounted forklift

This system is often used for unloading at building sites or trade fairs. A forklift mounted on the back of the truck can be used to load or unload the cargo. Its forks are inserted into tubes fitted to the bodywork of the truck, enabling it to be lifted up behind the truck, which can then be driven safely.

We can take care of your transport with a mounted forklift

At DCTS in Wommelgem, near Antwerp, we can transport your shipment in a truck with a mounted forklift when you need it. This type of transport is useful when you need to unload or load the shipment directly on location. We provide it not only in Benelux, but (apart from a few countries) in the rest of Europe too. You can also engage our international transport company for services such as groupage transport and container transport. In other words, from small to large shipments, we are your partner.

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Do you have any questions, or would you like to submit a request to us for a shipment within Europe? Fill in our contact form, phone +32 3 205 71 71 or send an email to Our team of professionals will give you prompt, expert assistance.

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  • One contact person for all your destinations
  • Professional team
  • More than 20 years of experience
  • ADR goods (dangerous goods by road)
  • Our speciality: transport from or to the ports of Antwerp & Rotterdam
  • Live tracking system / GPS monitoring
  • Options for the whole of Europe
  • Urgent-express transport 24 hours
  • Personal service
  • Competitive prices
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