Complete loads

DCTS carries out your transport of complete loads within Benelux and Europe.

We use a modern fleet that meets the current quality and safety standards. Our professional and enthusiastic employees, both in the office and on the road, ensure that your load is delivered quickly, reliably and at a competitive price. Our drivers and charters all have an on-board computer and/or a mobile application, so that you can keep close track of your goods. In this way, we aim for optimal provision of information for you and your customers.


Contact us

Vlasakker 6

Tel.: +32 3 205 71 71
Mobile: +32 478 498 495



  • One contact person for all your destinations
  • Professional team
  • More than 20 years of experience
  • ADR goods (dangerous goods by road)
  • Our speciality: transport from or to the ports of Antwerp & Rotterdam
  • Live tracking system / GPS monitoring
  • Options for the whole of Europe
  • Urgent-express transport 24 hours
  • Personal service
  • Competitive prices
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